Leap Day, also known as February 29th, is a unique occurrence that happens once every four years. It is added to the calendar to align it with the solar year since it takes 365.25 days for the Earth to orbit the sun. Leap Day is often associated with traditions like women proposing to men and babies born on this day being called “leaplings.” It’s a day to celebrate the rareness of time and the opportunity to make the most of an extra day in the year.

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l6KMzqGO315January 2, 2024
BI4SngTctC217January 9, 2024
IK5QF9RmX124December 27, 2023
vuYAySw2lC1322November 26, 2023
28mTqUnI0z516January 19, 2024

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EDIT - the game works.... some of the time. When it does work, I love it! Yes, some parts of the levels do repeat, but we are getting a new level EVERY day! I'm still not at 5 stars because of how often it crashes. This is the only app that regularly crashes. .... It was great for a couple of days, but for the past 4 days it just crashes on the title screen. I have uninstalled and then installed again, with the same issue. Is there a fix? I'll update my review when/if this gets fixed.

This game really is fun, the style and platforming reminds me of playing classic Mario or sonic games, and they have well over 200 levels available to play for free along with a new level daily. As for ads, they really dont pop up too often. You can get quite a few tries in before they pop up and the option to watch ads for checkpoints isnt always required. I really enjoy the game and aside from a very few levels that seem nearly impossible to beat without perfect timing, I'd say it's perfect!

Pretty fun overall! It's challenging, but not so much that it feels like work. Love that there is a new level everyday. But the ads are too much. Every third or fourth time I die, it plays an ad, and some of them can not be skipped. When I'm already frustrated at dying over and over at the same spot makes me want to throw my phone. THEN to make it worse, turning the phone to airplane mode replaces the ad with a mandatory banner that says "intermission". SERIOUSLY??? Feels like malicious design

Look. The game itself is pretty fun and it's a good time passer. I don't even mind the ads, because they're somewhat spread out to a tolerable level. However, many levels (particularly ones with the bullets) get so laggy that it is literally impossible to complete the final platform. You go to take a jump and the game lags for five seconds. Then you die and go through it all over again. Additionally, many of the playable ads cause an issue where the game is stuck on the intermission screen.

Incredibly fun and simple but infuriating that they can't get the simple parts right. I used to play daily until one of the updates made it so I couldn't open the game, which locked me out of being able to play the game for a couple months. When they finally fixed that bug, now it feels like the touch detection is broken. Sometimes it will make you jump more times than you wanted or it just won't jump at all no mater how many times you tap the screen. Cannot go for perfect runs until fixed :/

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A jumping game with a brand new level every day.

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