LeagueApps Play is an innovative platform designed to streamline the management of sports leagues and teams. With features such as online registration, scheduling, and communication tools, LeagueApps Play makes it easier for administrators to organize and manage their leagues, and for players to stay updated on game schedules and team information. The platform also offers a mobile app, allowing users to access all the features on the go. With a user-friendly interface and customizable options, LeagueApps Play is the solution for sports organizations looking to simplify their operations and enhance the experience for their members.

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LeagueApps Play Reviews

Errors out constantly. Have literally had to uninstall and reinstall 10 times in a couple months to be able to view and send chats. Extremely frustrating when the app is meant to be used for sports team communications. Also, no option for sending photos within the chats...again makes it really difficult when wanting to attach a photo of a tournament bracket or quick screenshot of a schedule change or camp opportunity.

Continually has error messages. Have had to change my password multiple times to allow me to log in even though I know I use the correct password since its saved by using my fingerprint. Half the time it won't show the correct schedule. This is one of the worse apps I have ever used, I wish my volleyball league did not choose to use this app.

So bad. So glitchy! Out club switched from sportsengine which was 100% better. I hope we go back. Specific issues: Never opens immediately when I click on it. Most of the time tells me I'm not online, sometimes just spinning wheel. Notification shows hundreds of new messages and I have to click on it numerous times to make it go away. Calendar first wouldn't download and then downloaded with the wrong team Chat has no good features Doesn't show teammates contact info

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