League of War: Mercenaries is an action-packed strategy game that puts players in control of a private military company. Engage in high-stakes battles against rival mercenary teams and conquer territories to expand your empire. Build and customize an unstoppable army of tanks, helicopters, and infantry units, each with unique abilities. Test your tactical skills in real-time PvP battles, or join forces with friends in cooperative missions. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, League of War: Mercenaries is a must-play for strategy game enthusiasts looking for a thrilling challenge.

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It could be good, it needs more tactical depth, and the whole leveling up and ranking up the troops is poorly implemented. It all comes down to having an army whose level is higher than your opponent's and that's all the strategy one is required to master, the end. On a positive note: the game does look gorgeous and the animations and effects are well conceived, well done in that department.

The game is really addictive overall and with many others I have to agree that there can be a lot of improvements to make it more enjoyable. I've spent roughly $4500 on this game and only been able beat 65% of the campaign. I used to be able to complete the events where you fight against progressively stronger and color specific teams on the third section, but with the addition of the Dark Ops units. I've been struggling immensely on what used to be so easy.

Good concept, but needs work. The timer is too short, several times I'd have a decisive win, but the clock running out cheated me. Months later, still no change. I'm seriously sick of losing a battle when all I needed was 2 seconds, and literally had an entire strike force destroying the enemy base. Especially when I burned several million in game currency just to get a barely winnable match, or had a win streak going. I mean, the battle was already won, and they cheated me over a timer!

I enjoy the game. However there is one major issue that I have with it... players cannot deploy a unit more than once without having to wait for a cool down timer to expire. However, the AI teams can repeatedly deploy 3 of the exact same unit instantaneously. I feel this makes for a very unfair advantage when trying to complete missions when the strongest unit can be constantly deployed. Cool down timer should apply to ALL units... by players and AI alike.

Cool concept but overdone. Play is boring and repetitive. Very little strategy. The game is focused more on leveling up units and building than on actual gameplay and suffers considerably for it. Not sure how many "levels" there are for your profile but I hit the paywall around level 11. 2-3 days of casual playing. Every special event is plagued with hackers. 1st place has 22 million points and the next down has 11 million and the next has 1 million. You know the type. Don't waste your time.

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