Last-hit defense is a crucial aspect of MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2. It refers to the strategy of preventing the enemy team from landing the final hit on important objectives such as towers, inhibitors, or the nexus. Players often use their abilities and positioning to thwart the opposing team’s attempts at securing these last hits, thereby protecting their team’s resources and maintaining map control. Effective last-hit defense requires quick decision-making, strong teamwork, and precise execution. It is a key element in achieving victory in these highly competitive and strategic games.

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- 1st place: 1000 gold, legendary weapon, rare armor

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- 1. Double the gold and experience from your next kill! 2. Gain 200 gold and a ward for securing the map. 3. Receive a bonus 15 attack damage and a health potion. 4. 100 gold and a blink dagger to escape danger.

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Last-Hit Defense

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CODEExpiration Date
R9F62YBXApril 13, 2024
2540ZRYTNUMarch 13, 2024
Y978WLDKQMarch 15, 2024
1TB5U6MPSI8March 26, 2024
UFTI3N06M5March 13, 2024
VK19BW37March 14, 2024
ZSI0Q3KF5DMarch 25, 2024
KRG50DZ1JMarch 4, 2024

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