LaRosa’s Pizzeria Ordering App makes ordering your favorite pizza easier than ever. With just a few taps on your phone, you can choose from a wide range of delicious pizzas and mouth-watering side dishes. The app allows you to customize your order, making sure you get exactly what you want. Plus, it offers exclusive deals and discounts for app users. Whether you want delivery or pick-up, the LaRosa’s Pizzeria Ordering App ensures a convenient and hassle-free experience. Download it now and start enjoying your favorite pizza from LaRosa’s today!

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- 50% off any large pizza, free garlic bread with any pasta dish, $5 off any family-sized salad, free delivery on orders over $25

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- 50% off any pizza, free breadsticks with any order, $5 off any pasta dish.

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Edit: upgraded to 4 star. I'm impressed with the new layout. Edit: downgraded from 2 to 1 star. App did not load after 5 minutes. Came to play store to check for updates, but it's already the most recent. I ordered from pizza hut instead. Original: This is truly horrible. It looks nice. But after logging in, the only categories are pizza, calzones, and favorites. Anything else, i have to just guess the menu and hope i search for the right thing. And that's after taking quite a long time to load.

This app used to work great! I didn't even update it and the entire layout has changed. When I launch the app I am stuck on a buffering boot-up page, but if I hit the back button, it looks like I'm on the full LaRosa's website on the browser on my phone. It even prompts me to download the app, like I'm not already using the app??! The preview screenshots for the app are from when it used to actually work. Now it's broken. Please fix it.

It works but it's pretty undesirable. I had to back out and go back into so many screens to make this order. It has a real hard time on my Android, maybe it was only intended for Apple. I'll still use the app because I can make an order, but it's very limited in being able to update details for any type of order and does not render correctly all the time.

They updated the app and it's not working anymore. (For reference, I'm on a Google Pixel 4 XL) The old app wasnt super polished, but it saved my favorite items and I never had any problems with it. Unfortunately, with the new update, I get stuck in an infinite loading screen when trying to place an order... Please let me know how to fix this

The app has not had an icon for years. Somehow, the most basic and simplistic thing imaginable has been neglected. The system back button doesn't do anything, but I suppose that's a step up from when it used to just close the app. There are worse food ordering apps. At least this on isn't fundamentally broken, like others I could name.

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Order your LaRosa’s favorites from our full menu on-the-go! Bug fixes and enhancements

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