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Landa: Real Estate Investment

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Landa: Real Estate Investment Coupon reviews

For over 2 years now, since that update, the app has been freezing up. Sometimes, it only lets you go to one tab or another page and then freezes again. Also, when you try to go to other areas, it takes so long if it even goes. I just tried to withdraw cash, and it won't slide over so I can withdraw my money.

I've had a terrible experience. I spent an hour just trying to recieve the initial "get started" text code. I switched to email, got the code in a timely manner, and then had to wait for the text code again. I closed the app for the day at this point. The next day, things almost went better. I was able to get in, but the app crashed when I was attempting to input my drivers license. I rate this a 1 because the app functionality wasn't even adequate enough to let me check things out.

Although it is a great concept, the people responsible aren't. It takes them 2+ weeks to respond to queries. When purchasing shares of locations that are not part of the primary trading, it takes nearly a month to settle (from what I've experienced). I would like to request to sell everything I own, but we have to send a written request. Previous messages are either super slow at loading or don't load at all. Finally, purchasing more than one share causes the share price to change.

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