Lambo&GTR&GT is a realistic sports car racing simulator where you can drive legendary sports cars. Choose your favorite car, get behind the wheel and try all its features on the track. Embark on a journey through the metropolis or take part in races and complete exciting missions. You can also choose the type of sports car control – from the first or third person. The game pleases with fully interactive and amazingly detailed car interiors, a large selection of sports cars, excellent physics with realistic acceleration and interesting tasks.

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haLCUy02wG5g March 5, 2023 740
qmMe9fQAab March 5, 2023 171
Zr4a0IRSnlj March 20, 2023 664
r8GcgsJQ9yI March 8, 2023 891

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The cars, speeds, horsepower, acceleration and chassis are all realistic. The city is realistic and fun to explore. The water front is a good place for stunt jumps. I like the way the cars open the doors, windows, trunk, hood and gas tank open. I like the cars cause they can play music when you feel like doing so. The tuning is nice and awesome. One problem is there is not enough space to test the cars for top speed I can only reach 300 kmh. The game is totally awesome. 👍👍👍👍

Amazing game but can't add like I know one more car like just some variance of them because it would be really fun game with those just a little more cars you could drive other than that it's a amazing game

Ok graphics gets laggy after using multiplayer, drains battery VERY QUICKLY and its fine. But another thing, even on good connection it constantly disconnects me. And not just on this game, on 3 other of your games! Please fix it. EDIT: Just curious couls you make it so that we can put our music in game? Like a option to customize the Radio/Player? (Which is always weirdly integrated into a centwr console..)

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Test Drive 3D is a real physics engine simulator game.

Name 3Cars simulator
Version 1.8
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (11209 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 30, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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