Laim Promo Code 63% Off [2024 February]

Last update February 16, 2024

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CODEExpiration Date
DNFXHVBIApril 4, 2024
M06KFGZUQOApril 9, 2024
45QDTMPLJMarch 25, 2024
GTSQ5AYZE32March 4, 2024
4FQ7EKB1OTMarch 17, 2024
EVH3DU59March 7, 2024
64PMJ5Z01GFebruary 26, 2024
NMTZ920U4March 24, 2024

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Laim Reviews

The app worked with my 1st phone, which was a Motorola Power 2021, and soon, I needed a new phone. Now I can only install the app, but I can't watch any movies on it or anything even though I have a paid subscription with you guys. How about a simple app that isn't compatible with this device instead if I can't even use it.

I paid 30 bucks. Right? I now have More commercials than I did before? I can't get through One show, without having to exit out and reload. So laim! So many free movie apps! If I've paid 29 dollars to your company I expect what was offered for that amount. No commercials, no ads, just seamless streaming of awsome movies, which you have. Such a bummer. You have a great concept,but you don't deliver. Really sucks because I thought you guys might have an edge over all the others.

It's starting to go downhill.... The show/movie keeps buffering when clearly I have good data.. On top of that, the ads are becoming wayyyyy too much. Along with that, the show has some 3-5 second skips in it... Like why?? I miss really important parts in it. Please fix this issue. I had to re download the app because it kept saying "retry" and wouldn't load an episode I wanted to watch. If this keeps happening, I will not download this again.

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