Kingdom Guard is a colorful tower defense strategy game set in a fantasy world populated by a variety of races. You have to lead the defense of your native lands from the advancing enemy army. Build autonomous defensive towers at strategically important points and fortify them with units. Destroy enemy units and earn in-game currency. Unlock access to new defensive structures and powerful fighters with unique abilities and improved characteristics. Merge identical units to get more advanced warriors. Develop your own defense tactics to effectively counter your enemies. Successfully repel enemy attacks and become the most powerful ruler!

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This was a fun game. It is now just functionally broken. The daily race that was just implemented doesn't work. It breaks the main game. Opening chests freezes the game entirely. It just started freezing when you swap from tab to tab. I used about six dollars in Google play credits initially and was planning on spending more, but now it's just a waste of phone space.

I have had a great experience with the game so far especially with the characters, leveling up buildings, and play with alliance! It has not glitched out or had to be restarted, so no technical issues with the app on my part. Yes, there are other things that make me very satisfied, that is, the upgrade is very fast. I upgraded to more than 500 levels on the first day I played the stage, and also opened a lot of functions, so that you will not feel bored and unable to enter the rhythm of the game during the novice period. , anyway, in the game, you can always find your goal and find something to do! It's a good game to pass the boring time! At the same time, I like the design and dubbing of the heroes in the game very much. This makes me feel a little immersive, as if interacting with the game vividly. I hope the developers can do more updates here, that is, to have more hero voice dialogues, to make the game more lively! Of course, I am very grateful that the game has brought me a lot of fun. I enjoy every moment in the game very much.

I have played kingdom guard for one year, which is make me relax and get more interests in my busy life. For me, it is a great and interesting game, the animation is good, UI is good, and it has easy controls and easy instructions which make players easy to understand! Also, the game system is a pleasant and impressive experience from the other gaming platform. What’s more, You can get a lot of like-minded friends by joining the game's alliance, and then make an appointment with each other to fight in the game together. I really like this atmosphere of solidarity and mutual assistance! At the same time, his constantly updated gameplay also satisfies me and makes me feel challenged and expectant. I like this kind of game update rhythm, and hope to continue to maintain continuous gameplay updates!

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Merge Soldiers, Recruit Heroes! Protect Dragon Eggs and Defend Your Kingdom! Updates

- New Spring Festival events. Happy Year of the Rabbit!
- Tier 6 Magic Stones now available.
- Hero list interface improved.
- Link Mail event.
- Improved recruitment in the Tavern, you can now draw more than 100 times in one go.

Coming Soon

- New modifications coming to Element Lord.
- Stage Challenge coming soon.

Name Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD
Version 1.0.316
Price FREE
Rating 4.6 (161739 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 27, 2023
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