“Kingdom Chronicles” is an immersive strategy game that invites players to build and manage their own medieval kingdom. Set in a rich fantasy world, the game challenges players to develop their kingdom, expand their territory, and defend against enemy threats. With a focus on resource management, strategic decision-making, and diplomacy, players must navigate through various challenges to establish a prosperous and powerful kingdom. The game’s stunning visuals and engaging storylines provide an enthralling experience, making “Kingdom Chronicles” a must-play for fans of simulation and strategy games. Are you ready to embark on the journey to rule your own kingdom?

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- Sure! Here's a short reward for the game "Kingdom Chronicles":1. Gold: 100 2. Gems: 50 3. Swords: 5

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- 1. 50 gold coins 2. 2 shields 3. 100 gems 4. 5 healing potions

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Kingdom Chronicles

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8VOZD2GNFebruary 24, 2024
T68DS4JXEVMarch 1, 2024
P36K5SDGMMarch 10, 2024
R9E7O3S4BAZMarch 5, 2024
QDFV4X6Y1ZMarch 1, 2024
X2ZD50QRMarch 20, 2024
9TANK3W1FUApril 4, 2024
46P2BDYRTMarch 29, 2024

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Kingdom Chronicles Review

I watched 3....3 videos to play each level up to about level 30-35 then watching a video wasn't an option anymore you had to buy it and I did because I needed to finish it, well, if I would have known there was a point I couldn't finish without buying it i would have bought it sooner and would not have watched all your ads!!! BONUS... AFTER OU BUY IT THERE ARE STILL ADS. Not as many, but if I pay $4.99 for a game I expect NO ADS!!

Got to Level 30 & the game had a glitch- made impossible to pass. Glad I didnt pay for it. I finished the "objective" but then the game required that I destroy 12 enemy barricades- There were only 10. I counted the second time I played the level- yes I played it twice. If Im missing something- because i looked for secretly placed barricades and couldnt find any. So I gave this 3 stars for a game I enjoyed but stopped.. in the middle.

Poor, the screen doesn't seem to match up with where you're clicking so you have to aim slightly below what you're aiming for! Also hate having to watch an ad between every level. I'll keep playing the PC version only!

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