“Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly” is a unique financial service platform designed to help individuals establish and strengthen their credit scores efficiently. By offering access to personalized credit lines and empowering users to make responsible financial choices, Kikoff enables them to build a positive credit history. With easy-to-use features and helpful resources, Kikoff simplifies the process of credit building for those who are new to credit or looking to improve their scores. Through its innovative approach, Kikoff aims to provide a pathway to financial stability and greater opportunities for its users.

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Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly

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Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly Reviews

I thought that we would get a portion of the money that we put in back. We don't. You essentially pay them $20/month, and you never see it again. If you are seeing significant results as far as your credit goes, it might be worth it, but if you aren't the you're just stuck giving your money away. You get trapped just paying the remainder off - you can't close the account because it wil negativelyl affect your credit. Also, the app keeps logging me completely out.

My experience has been this: paid $20 a month to boost my credit. Credit dropped 70+ points after 6 mo. I stopped that monthly and added direct deposit. No issues there until I see on my transactions over 7 fees for ATM withdrawal and there was no monies taken out nor was there a location of these transactions. I spoke to many reps over 2 months and they removed the history of those transactions and never refunded me the money for each "withdrawal fee." #stolenmoney #falsecharges #illegal

I wouldn't recommend this app for what it adverti. I'm pretty sure is actually advertising misleadingly. Just paid to now have a bill for the next few months and not sure yet if I really do have line of credit that is usable and affordable. The 20$ and 5$ payments a month is for the agreement of having a line of credit. But to my knowledge if you spend the credit line you have to pay that back monthly plus your $20 payment or $5 payment for the agreement. I want a refund and to opt out and unscr

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