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Many users have reported negative experiences with Kenzz كنز game gift codes, citing issues such as receiving broken items upon delivery or facing unexpected charges for replacement items. One frustrated customer shared their ordeal of having to deal with more expensive replacement items and a canceled order, leading to a prolonged and inconvenient refund process. The lack of transparency and clear communication from the customer service team only added to their dissatisfaction with the overall shopping experience.

Another common complaint about Kenzz كنز game gift codes is the poor quality of customer service. Many customers have expressed frustration over the extended period it takes to receive a refund, with some waiting for more than two months. This delay in processing refunds not only strains customer relations but also raises concerns about the efficiency and reliability of the company's operations.

While some users appreciate the convenience and offerings of the app, a recurrent issue highlighted by customers is the absence of an English language option. As English is a widely used language internationally, the lack of translation features on the app makes it inaccessible to a broader audience. Users have expressed disappointment over this oversight, suggesting that incorporating English language support would enhance the app's usability and appeal to a more diverse user base.

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