Keepsafe is a leading mobile app developer offering privacy-focused solutions for individuals seeking to safeguard their digital content. From photo and video vaults to secure browsing and password management, Keepsafe provides a range of tools to protect personal information from unauthorized access. With a user-centric approach, the company prioritizes intuitive interfaces and advanced encryption to ensure peace of mind for users. Whether it’s protecting sensitive documents or securing private communications, Keepsafe’s comprehensive suite of privacy solutions empowers individuals to take control of their digital privacy and maintain confidentiality in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Keepsafe Reviews

The Keep safe app says it all in the name. Secure with fast uploads and the confidence your files are keep safe. The video and picture are stored online with I believe little internal disk space used as markers. Organized in a way that you can conveniently find the files your looking for and download at your convenience to your phones internal storage. Highly recommended without any of the earlier glitches it's a Rock solid 🪨 app.

Great security features, AES encryption and cloud storage so if your phone gets destroyed you can just log-in again and your photos will still be there, can transfer photos back and forth without too much trouble, can lock individual albums. Well-recognized brand so they aren't likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Couple features like the photo transferring and things can be a bit clunky, the premium price is a bit high, but otherwise great app, among the best one out there.

Simple product I've happily used as a paid premium user for years now. Feature requests - ability to edit filenames & thumbnails - ability to manage, organize and sort albums. For ex. A sort by option to order content by name, file size, etc. - select where a file is exported vs saving to the device camera roll only. With my phone the only option is Google photos which is not a secure place for sensitive material and can be a real hassle to deal with once on G Photos.

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