Jerry is here to help you save money on car insurance. With our comparison tool, you can easily find the best rates for the coverage you need. Stop overpaying for car insurance and start saving with Jerry. Whether you’re a safe driver, have a clean driving record, or are looking for discounts, Jerry is the perfect solution. We make it simple to compare quotes from top insurance companies, all in one place. Don’t miss out on potential savings! Try Jerry today and start saving on your car insurance.

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Jerry: Car Insurance Savings Reviews

It used to be good, now it's a hit and a mess, the app lagging and the service is bad, I just cancelled my policies through them, because they didn't pay my rental insurance (their excuse was that when I updated my banking they needed a signature) haha 🤣 what a joke! It I update my banking info use it and if you need a signature email, if I didn't reply text and all, but to let it sit without getting paid for 4-5 months till I received a letter from the rental insurance company?

The auto shopping for the insurances is great but my problem lies within the trip recorder. I will drive my normal commute and then when I sit in my car waiting to go in and I go on my phone it counts it as being on my phone during the trip and gives me a one out of five every single time. I don't find it right that I'm being negatively impacted because the app can't determine that I've stopped. I've even been giving a one out of five rating just walking in my own house on my phone.

Apps in my mind are meant to be shortcuts for tools I use frequently, not just a forced substitute for mobile sites. Being forced to get an app just to get a quote for car insurance is frustrating, but of course they don't tell you that you'll have to do so up front. I get to the quotes and it defaults to a level of coverage way too low for what is realistic in my area. I change it to my current level, only to find that all of the "deals" are higher than my current rate (doesn't even show mine).

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