Jelly Shift is an addictively fun game that challenges players to navigate through an ever-changing obstacle course. As a jelly character, you must stretch and morph your shape to fit through gaps and avoid hitting barriers. With each level, the difficulty increases, making it a thrilling and engaging experience. The quick reflexes and strategic thinking required to succeed keep players hooked. Jelly Shift offers countless levels to test your skills and is suitable for casual gamers looking for a challenging and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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3msPJWTi785January 3, 2024
VadsSDKH17148December 3, 2023
eJ8zv92IU402December 10, 2023
0Q51bCBk6ry553December 14, 2023
Wf1K8BFz02963December 5, 2023

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Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Tier List

Ads are so disruptive and constant that it makes it unplayable. Every level is followed by an ad, some you can't skip, and the levels are short, so you just feel like it's an ad-watching app, not a game. Even claiming rewards requires watching ads, which isn't too big of a deal normally, but to decline the reward instead of watch, you have to WAIT for the "no thanks" option to appear slowly, which means you're just staring at the screen doing nothing until it does. It's so predatory! Not worth it

There are way too many ads in this game, you can't even open the chest you receive without an ad, and it is so annoying. Also, this game is so boring, because all you can do is the regular mode which is way too easy, and boring. You guys should add other modes, and other worlds. Lastly, the only customizations for the character that you can get is either an animal or a jelly, and the animal is way too expensive, so I tried to keep playing to get more gems, but ads kept popping up in my face.

I really like this game, it's very fun, but there's some problems that need fixing. When I get a prize chest I press "watch ad to open" but it doesn't give me the ad or the prize and it just goes back to the game. And sometimes when I collect a fruit and win the level, it just restarts the same level and the same fruit. And the ads after every level are really annoying. Please fix this so I can enjoy this game again!

WAY TOO EASY! It's a great concept and everything but the game is way too easy. They have the same obstacles in each round and it's so repetative that u lose interest. I really don't like the "fever" u get after u pass a certain amount of obstacles. It takes u through the entire level without barely playing. If each level was longer, then "fever" would be nice but the levels are so short and easy u really don't need it. Good concept and great graphics, though.⭐⭐⭐

It's a pretty good game in general, but you literally have to watch an ad for EVERYTHING. Whenever you start a level, whenever you finish a level, whenever you open a prize box, etc., It's always controlled by ads. Unless you want to spend money to get a no-ad experience, you are going to get annoyed very quickly. If they cut down the ads, I would give this game a decent review, but the ads are just plain annoying.

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Use fancy Jelly Shapes to get through the Obstacle Course! Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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