Iron Force 2 is an action-packed sequel to the popular tank battle game. Prepare yourself for intense multiplayer battles as you choose from a variety of powerful tanks and engage in epic combat with players from around the world. Customize your tank with deadly weapons, armor, and camouflage to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Dominate the leaderboards, unlock new tanks and upgrades, and become the ultimate war machine. Are you ready to unleash your firepower and conquer the Iron Force 2?

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Not a bad game but the point system blows ass, very frustrating, never seem to advance. When you lose a battle you lose twice as many points as when you win a battle, so you have to win almost every battle to advance in the point system which is almost impossible. Makers of the game need to pull their heads out of their asses and fix it.

Too many interruptions ,when you start getting better at playing,the update will set you back to stone age and you start playing slower so unamerican.

The game is in the best condition, but the disconnection degree needs to be improved, so we need to click twice to return to the game. At the same time, in the mini map and on the battlefield, the front armor should be stronger, the front of light tank should be difficult, the side armor may be better, and the front end will work hard

I think its realy good game although there is still much to be fixings like a ton of Bugs, unstable server(i use the best providers in my country), i can't make in-game purchases :'(, i I didn't get a pre-registration prize(avatar eagle), but its still fun game. The arcade mode make it realy fun even if the gun turret cant be get lower anggel for shoot lower plate enemy tank 😅, and honestly i think this game will be a little realistic in the game mode(like war thunder Realistic Battle🤭)

Boring generic tank game. Apparently my S10+ isn't capable of running the game on high settings according to the game when you go into the options to change it. Takes way to much time to get keys to level up and open boxes can see it being extremely high pay to play to get better tanks. Uninstalled already.

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Iron Force 2 Wiki

Dominate the battlefield in fast-paced multiplayer tank warfare. - New T6 tank "Cacus.Remould".
- Attributes Revamp: Tanks now have three new attributes: Attack Strength, Armor Strength, and Penetration Strength.These attributes are affected by the new technology system.
- A whole new Map "Desert" and gameplay enhancements.
- Iron Pass-Optimize the interface,improve the reward content and enhance the task conditions.
- New Packs-Daily and weekly packs have been introduced under the Special Offers section, offering great deals.
- Many other optimizations.

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