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To redeem a coupon on for Stock Market services, select desired subscription plan at checkout, enter coupon code in designated field, and finalize payment to enjoy discount. Stock Market Coupon reviews

Did not like this app much. I uninstalled it after 2 days. The website shows everything much better than the app. Just use the website. The prices seemed to be lagging and not updating when the app is open in the background. I didn't know if I was looking at the live price. I couldn't easily follow links left in the comments because I couldn't copy it or click it. The UI felt cluttered with ads and menus. The chart makes you rotate the phone and it doesn't save the customizations.

I had a full year paid subscription. Then along came the upgrade, which I had to consent to to continue using. That logged me out. When I logged back in I suddenly was back using the Ad version. I appealed to customer service for help. No help. So to get rid of the ads AGAIN I had to purchase ANOTHER full year subscription - only this time prices had gone from $19.99 a year to $65 a year. So I was force upgraded. This is how these guys do business folks. BEWARE. Watchlist can't be edited either.

Best app I've found for my limited purposes. I use the free version to track indices and a few stocks as well as to check the occasional news story. Most important part for me is the widget that lets me monitor a list of symbols on my home screen without having to fire up the app. (Though occasionally the widget doesn't seem to want to refresh without a nudge.) The level of advertising is perfectly acceptable to keep the product free, though as some others have noted, there seem to be more scammy/junk ads appearing these days. That probably has more to do with their ad network provider than with the app. The articles are sometimes interesting and useful--just avoid the comment streams, which are populated by nothing but trolls and zealots both left and right--nothing useful there. Would be great if the company offered a lower-price paid version that removed ads and didn't offer as many of the advanced features. For my purposes, $60/year is too steep, but I'd definitely pay $20.

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