Looking for effortless and delicious meals? Look no further than Instant Pot/Air Fryer recipes! These versatile appliances can whip up a range of dishes in no time. From crispy chicken wings and golden fries to tender pot roasts and flavorful soups, the possibilities are endless. Plus, with their advanced features and preset cooking functions, even amateur cooks can create culinary wonders. So why wait? Try out these recipes today and experience the convenience and flavor of Instant Pot/Air Fryer cooking!

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The variety of recipes. The ease of use makes me happy I bought my Air Fryer. I made the pork tenderloin...using pre-marinated pork tenderloin. It came out cooked to perfection! My hubby loved it! I cooked some marinated chicken cubes using spiedie marinade... turned out better than cooking them on the BBQ! Tonight, we're having chicken parm using chicken tenders! These recipes are so helpful and can be changed to my own specifications!

Ad Removal Should Never Be A Subscription x_x If all apps use subscription models to remove ads then we wouldn't be able to use many apps, especiallywhen ads make the app unusable and they are intrusive. Edit- i don't think subscription models should exist unless it's streaming or content is added per the sub. Too many apps are using the sub model to remove ads, etc. This gets really expensive compoundingly, especially for low and/or fixed income folks who need many apps for different purposes.

Just bought an Instant brand Air Fryer. Very invasive advertisements, will skim recipes then uninstall. I understand and accept developers comment. I thought the app was run by Instant Pot.

I paid for NO ADS but still get ads. Therfore I am canceling this subscription . Easy to use. But frustrating.

app spams ads every time I open a recipe

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2000+ Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker & Sous Vide recipes with videos. v4.4.2
- Added the Turkish language

- Added an Instant Pot Pasta Calculator

- Now compatible with Android 14
- All dependencies and libraries updated
- A few bug fixes

- Fixed the 'share recipe' feature

- Fixed Youtube player not loading on certain devices

- You can now add your own notes to every recipe
- Premium pricing has been slashed in half!

- You can now upgrade to Premium version to remove all ads

- Added an Oven to Air Fryer Convertor

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