Imo’s Pizza is a St. Louis tradition that has been serving up their unique and delicious thin-crust pizza since 1964. The secret to their mouthwatering creations lies in their Provel cheese and tangy tomato sauce. With locations throughout Missouri and Illinois, Imo’s has become the go-to spot for pizza lovers in the region. Whether you prefer classic toppings like pepperoni and sausage or want to try their signature Deluxe pizza, Imo’s is sure to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on this local favorite!

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I figured I'd leave a review to help offset all the negative reviews on here. The app worked well for me, but I do also have some constructive criticism to get it up to 5 stars (in my opinion) 1) The app let me pick a store but then told me I couldn't get delivery from that store and erased my cart when switching to the new location. 2) The app loaded a desktop version of a website in which to enter and verify my credit card information, which isn't very user friendly for a mobile device app.

Lots of issues. I had to restart my rewards even though I had a lot saved up. We also had a birthday reward that kept disappearing before we could use it. The app is clunky and isn't very smooth. It always says I'm outside of the delivery zone even though when I call, I have no issues with the actual store about where I live.

Ever since the new ordering system and app has gone live its useless. Have to call on the phone to place an order. Been ordering from the Arnold MO location since 2015. My address is non existing when I try. Not sure what was so bad about the old app that required a complete overhaul. At least it worked and I could use it.

It constantly says my email is envalid when it's a valid email!! I've had a acct for imo's 4 yrs now. So sumthing is seriously wrong with this updated version. I can get on website and use my email and it works just fine like I did 2day and I got a email from them and I get advertisements on my email acct that this is is invalid supposedly. That makes no sense!!

I live in granite city and have used this app for years. Now for the last six months or so my default store is Waterloo, and I can't change it. So now I have to uninstall and loose all my points and hope ?? That it resets to g.c. I'm not holding out hope, that and the fact I will loose all the points I had built up. My recommendation would be to hire someone that actually knows what they are doing to set up a good app !!

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