“Immortal Rising” is an enthralling fantasy fiction novel that takes readers on a captivating journey through an otherworldly realm. With vivid descriptions and engaging characters, the story unfolds a thrilling saga of ancient gods and their epic battles for supremacy. As the immortal beings clash and connive, unexpected alliances form, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. This gripping tale is woven with intricate plots, breathtaking action scenes, and powerful emotions. “Immortal Rising” is a must-read for fans of high-stakes adventure and the timeless struggle between good and evil.

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- 1. Rare Sword of Valor +500 attack 2. Legendary Tome of Wisdom +300 intelligence 3. Epic Amulet of Fortitude +200 strength

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- Sure! Here's a short 10 word reward for the game "Immortal Rising":"Explore the realm and find: 50 gold, 3 potions, artifact."

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I love playing this game! Great graphics, but the only complaint is that the menu is cluttered and hard to locate things. Also, I've got a pass for one of the passes, and when it ran out, the next pass for it said I could collect the pass items, but when I click on one, it says please buy pass. The problem is, the pass buy button isn't there. AND, another problem, my game says when I go to shop, it highlights gems, then free gems for ads, when i click on it, it highlights to buy the no ads bundl

Fun while it lasted. Love the graphics with characters kind of Diablo-ish look. Like the upgrading system which is quick to boost. $7 for ad free playing isnt bad because there is a lot of white gems you can redeem. 3stars because game completely crashed and will not load. Tried to dl the recent update and now it doesn't open at all.

The important thing is that this is an afk game. One's expectations should be geared to: simple gameplay, linear progression, and a grind. That is precisely what an afk/idle game is meant to be. This developer did an excellent job doing that, not overwhelming with ads, and actually giving satisfying progression with cool aesthetic rewards and powers. Very relaxing and fun.

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