The Illinois Tollway is a major transportation network that covers over 292 miles, connecting the city of Chicago with its surrounding suburbs and beyond. The tollway system is vital for facilitating safe and efficient travel, serving millions of motorists each year. With a focus on modernization and sustainability, the Illinois Tollway aims to enhance the driving experience by implementing innovative technologies and eco-friendly practices. This commitment is evident through ongoing construction projects and initiatives designed to reduce environmental impact. As a crucial artery for the region’s economic growth, the Illinois Tollway continues to play a pivotal role in keeping Illinois moving forward.

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- 1. Free toll pass for 1 month 2. 50% off toll booth fees 3. Discount on vehicle registration renewal 4. Free coffee at tollway service stations

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- 1. Free car wash 2. 50% off toll fees 3. $5 gift card 4. Free coffee drink

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Illinois Tollway

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Illinois Tollway Reviews

I set up the app to pay tolls immediately after I got home. It mentioned that it may take a couple of weeks, so I entered my CC as a for of payment. The app still says I have a zero a balance. After a while I forgot and got an invoice 3 months later for the $18 in tolls AND $30 in fees? Really? I was trying to do the right thing. You can dispute the charges by submitting an Affidavit of Non-Liability...ugh.

Thieves!! Their transponder failed to register at the toll stations, and it took them almost a year to figure it out. Loved the $400+ violation notice because of YOUR transponder failing to work. I kept paying and recharging my account, but why did it take a year for them to figure out their part failed. They down right refused to help or anything. So I now take alternative routes and spend a bit more time on the road, but it's worth not paying the rape fee.

I'll edit this if it appears the update has actually worked, but it has been nothing but headaches every time I've tried to utilize it. Have gotten notifications weeks later that my toll has been paid, well yeah I paid it two weeks ago I'd hope so! Random charges, don't know if they are old charges or fraudulent, it's near impossible to set a pay route, it just 100% feels like it's meant to be awful so they force as many people to forfeit and then charge you late fees.. it's really gross.

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