“Idle Planes: Build Airplanes” is an exciting game that lets you unleash your creativity and engineering skills to build and customize your very own fleet of airplanes. From designing the structure and choosing the right materials to assembling the components and testing the aerodynamics, the game offers a realistic and immersive experience. With a wide range of parts, engines, and paint options available, you can create unique and powerful aircraft to conquer the skies. Whether you’re a budding aviation enthusiast or a seasoned engineer, “Idle Planes” provides endless possibilities for airplane design and exploration.

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- "Golden Screwdriver x5, Platinum Engine x3, Diamond Wing x2"

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- "Claim 150 coins, 20 fuel, 10 blueprints, and 5 workers!"

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Idle Planes: Build Airplanes

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CODEExpiration Date
XR0EHPTLMarch 27, 2024
9MDP6FB472February 25, 2024
KIHPLG9WXApril 11, 2024
W5XTLA4RMJBMarch 12, 2024
2X18SVA6NMApril 7, 2024
FR3Q4JYSMarch 24, 2024
ZPS7CLVW8OMarch 12, 2024
V6LF4ZQBJMarch 12, 2024

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Idle Planes: Build Airplanes Review

Fundamentals are there, but not much else. This game shows some promise, building the individual parts of each plane is a fun idea for a clicker game, but unfortunately there are only 3 planes available to build and getting them all is a bit of a pain. The "campaign" portion of the game is simply dodging missiles ad nauseam grinding to earn enough points to unlock the next aircraft. This progress resets each time you "prestige" and there's no way to make it easier.

In the beginning it's okay, ads for sure but the ramp up is *insane*, for unlocking planes you go from 10m, to 1 bill, to 1 trill.. and at that point you're only earning 1-5 bill per campaign level, so 100 campaign levels later you finally unlock ONE plane. Then if you prestige you lose all of it and have to do the 100+ levels again, every, time And clicking becomes worthless after the first prestige, which you can do in like 20 minutes. Turns into idle only after that

A little disappointing to build up to over a trillion gold only to find out that no content above the third plane exists yet. Also, on subsequent runs after prestige, if i have enough cash, I should have a "build all" button. Clicking through every single one on the first 2 planes gets old. Also, manual tapping should ramp with how much I'm making per second. I haven't manually tapped once since VERY early in the game. 1.6k/tap without ads is terrible.

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