In the world of Idle Monster Frontier, players must assemble their perfect team of powerful monsters to battle against enemies and conquer new territories. With over 100 unique monsters to choose from, players can strategically mix and match different abilities and strengths to create an unstoppable team. By leveling up their monsters and unlocking new abilities, players can progress through challenging levels and defeat epic bosses. Idle Monster Frontier offers an immersive idle gameplay experience, where players can sit back and watch their team of monsters battle on their behalf.

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The game has a lot more interest in selling solutions for problems than having a playable game. Inventory management, asset acquisition and improvement, even achievements...all accomplished through advertisements or in-game currency. Worse, what you buy is completely disposable by design, because you're expected to sacrifice what rare loot you come across for the acquisition of power, and if you're new to the game you're filled with anxiety over choices you don't know you're going to regret.

I love this game, super fun making legit and powerful teams and easy to be afk.... BUT... One large complaint I have is that if I accidentally change the orientation of my phone, the game RELOADS. So if I'm in the middle of a run, I get kicked back to the beginning just because I accidentally laid my phone down at a slant. It is extremely frustrating and angering especially when I'm in the late stages of my farm run. Please fix this!! My screen orientation is even locked and it does this!!

This game is a ton of fun and pain at the same time. It doesn't really explain a lot to you. By that I don't mean tutorial, I mean descriptions of things to buy or whatnot, you just have to go for it and hope it was good - and also hope afterwards you are able to figure out what changed. Tbh I could have a lot of fun with it, but progression feels really slow and painful.

No way to get rid of ads permanently. All upgrades are too expensive. Creators represent the worst of capitolism in game development. If you want to play for free or cheap there are WAY better time sinks for you. Game play is good, but compared to the market, all it offers is something marginally different. Would be 4/5 stars if not for the blatant robbing you of money.

Nice graphics. Not a big fan of the "gameplay" but kinda liked the concept of an army of monsters helping each other out to advance and such. It was kinda fun but I consider not having to do much of any thing as true idle game , unfortunately I don't remember the name of the game that I wanted to refer to as example of a true idle game. This is mostly a clicker / tap to advance type game. Really , if the gameplay / mechanics were different - ( and better ) - I would love this game more.

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Catch and train monster heroes in this idle rpg. Collect, combine, conquer! New weekends: Crack in the Aether and Fused and Furious
New monsters: Lapis Manalis and Maestro Malaperi
New traits: Bide, Bug Zapper, Feast, Harmony, Unity
Add hidden stats page
Add calendar of events to player's guide
Tons of fixes

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