An Idle Hero Defense game that takes you into a fantasy world to oversee the movement of brave characters. Try to form an invincible squad, which will include rangers, knights, magicians, orcs, other heroes, all of them must fight with direct opponents.

Complete daily tasks, focus on spells, and don’t forget about upgrading your protagonists. Defend the tower so that the enemies do not destroy it. Take part in epic battles, defeating all opponents. You can challenge your comrades, as well as other players from all over the world. Ahead are waiting for different tournaments, which are organized twice a week.

Active Idle Hero Defense – Fantasy De VIP Codes

Ob2fcExxxxx Get

- Gold x8253K, Gems x512, Coins x82739

sE32RDxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x315, Money x51379, Resources x5196K

Idle Hero Defense – Fantasy De Codes

List of Idle Hero Defense – Fantasy De Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
CtYaDM7WcKqJune 14, 2023176
Hlyx63SCILbZJune 15, 2023703
V0CIUlSmDPJune 22, 2023983
LaeU7PVuIXxJuly 16, 2023552
ufs7cwOl1LJJune 30, 2023999

How to exchange the promo code??

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Idle Hero Defense – Fantasy De Tier List

Meanwhile this game is entertaining and a nice time killer, let me tell you your ads are broken. Only 1 or 2 out of 10 times I play, the ads work. And it wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a chest jumping on the screen every five minutes, or if the game didn't CRASH EVERYTIME I try and report the ad as not showing up. If you fix it, I'll put you 5 stars, because I really like this game.

It's pretty fun. Gameplay is a little slow and "buttons" are often unresponsive which can be annoying and also your ranged characters will get killed all the time as tank fights one side and other side will just massacre your units. There's maybe some tactics I haven't yet figured out. Still overall it's a fun little game

I played this game back when it was on early access and I got bored with it after about 2 weeks because I found a new idle game. I got back to the game about 2 days before this review because I needed a new idle game and I remembered this one. This idle game is very fun, it's got a prestige system that doesn't take 2 weeks to get like other idle games. And I like the graphics it's probably the best idle game I've played when it comes to graphics and animations this game is also very fun for the fact ads are 100% optional the only ads are on offers where you get a reward. And once you watch 5 ads you get a permamanent boost theres also alot of quest, events, and leaderboards to check on and participate in. All and all this might be my favorite idle game on mobile!

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Defend the base in this idle fantasy game of heroes, orcs, pirates and strategy! - Reduced file size.
- Performance improvements.
- Bug fixes.

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