Idle Distiller Tycoon: Factory is a captivating game that allows players to become the ultimate distillery tycoon. In this addictive simulation game, players are tasked with running their own distillery factory and producing various types of spirits. The game offers a wide range of customization options, allowing players to upgrade and expand their factory to improve production efficiency. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Idle Distiller Tycoon: Factory promises hours of entertainment for both casual and avid gamers. Get ready to become a successful entrepreneur in the world of spirits!

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The story is neat enough. The game really suffers from being too greedy. For example, watching an ad gives 30 bottlecaps/event currency. The cost of upgrading something is in the hundreds. Watching 10 ads isnt enough for a single upgrade in most cases. Either lower the cost to about a tenth of its current or multiply ads revenue by a factor of 10.

I actually like playing games.... But on this one the first 30 minutes of playtime is you being forced to click on everything including add friends on Facebook... I would much rather just click it myself when I'm ready to... Instead of being forced to click on a million different things in a very specific order... Also, this is an idle clicker so I personally don't give a flying **** about actually listening to a storyline. The ads don't seem too bad at the moment...

At first, I absolutely loved this game. It's similar to other idle games that I've enjoyed and played for months but it's missing a few key things that would make it a 5 star game. First there's no premium option to remove ads, on the other ones I play you're able to pay $2 a month for no ads and bonuses. The bottle cap system becomes a bottle neck early on. I started with close to 2k bottle caps, now I'm on season 4 and struggling to have more than 100. Fix these then I'll give 5 stars!

I actually like playing the game itself. What is annoying (and almost enough to delete it) is ALL the ads. I could tolerate them at first but now the ad automatically opens Play Store which I believe is more revenue for the Devs but also frequently crashes the game when it switches to Play Store and back. Not even a no ads ingame purchase which I would consider. Pity...

Fun for a few days but redundant and no fun differences or distinguishing features between seasons (which you can blast through in a day or two before you have to reset) means that after a couple days you're bored and looking for a different game. The special event missions are fun since they last longer than the seasons, but will no real incentive to win, they too fall short (I came in 2nd place overall and no noticeable improvement or prizes awarded)

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Build your alcohol factory, manage idle cash, and get rich in this tycoon game. Thanks for playing Idle Distiller! This update offers improved performance, bug fixes, and adds our special Black Friday sale coming soon:

Improved performance on Card collection screen
Black Friday Sale!
New Seasons
Bug fixes and improvements

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