In Idle Death Tycoon: Money Inc., you play as a cunning capitalist aiming to make big bucks from the afterlife. Start small by converting souls into cash and gradually build your empire in the underworld. Purchase upgrades, hire demons, and expand your operations to maximize profits. With every click, you’ll be one step closer to becoming the ultimate death tycoon. Will you successfully dominate the afterlife and amass unimaginable riches? Play Idle Death Tycoon: Money Inc. and find out today!

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Idle Death Tycoon: Money Inc. Tier List

2 weeks in, and I've basically "completed" the game, and it seems the Devs have as well. In the beginning, it was decently fun. You progress to a certain point, and the game allows you to open a new franchise(prestige/rebirth). X # of franchises unlocks new areas that unlock new cards that give bonuses. I've 10/10 franchised the final area and I'm stuck at the same point no matter how many times I "franchise". The bonus screens telling you what prestiging will net you is broken as well.

Pretty fun, gorgeous art style. Progression speed is the most reasonable I've ever seen in an idle game. Ads are all voluntary, which is awesome. Only issue I have is when I try to play offline, the screen continuously goes dark and then light again, which makes it impossible to play. I can only assume its because it's not stopping it's attempts to contact Google Play. If that could be fixed, I'd change to 5 stars, easily.

This game would get 4 stars if not for one major issue: Every single time you upgrade an income source, or "prestige" with the map system, you get a full ad. It doesnt start immediately, but aftet around 30 minutes, it begins. It gets to the point that you end up watching around a full ad every 2 minutes. If this continues, I'd recommend no one install.

Enjoyable art and a lighthearted feel. Review 2: Game was really smooth and enjoyable until I turned it off. The next day my production was slowed to a crawl. If this is a bug or changes then I'll update my review. Final review: My production slowed down because I switched to the seasonal halloween event. I give up... really liked the game... really enjoyed the lighthearted art style. Cant enjoy the game when there is this giant bug in it.

Cute game but it keeps freezing on the loading screen when I try to watch an ad. Other than that, its a really fun way to pass the time. *Edit... No longer have a problem with ads but now it won't let me past the snowy tower. Ive been 10/10 on that tower for several franchise updates but it wont let me past that tower. Slightly annoyed because I spent money on the game.

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A business capitalist adventure, management simulation game. Cash clicker game. 🦃 Time to celebrate Thanksgiving at Death Tycoon 🥧 We have prepared something special for this time of year, enjoy our exclusive content and become the biggest tycoon! 🤑
We also fixed some minor bugs.
Keep enjoying Death Tycoon! 💀💰

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