Name Idle Barber Shop Tycoon – Game
Version 1.0.7
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Rating 4.0 (25449 ratings)
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Update January 15, 2023
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Idle Barber Shop Tycoon is a fun, colorful and addictive economic simulator in which you will develop your own business. The rampant fashion for beards has led to a high demand for men’s haircuts. Start a family business, run a barbershop and make your barbershop the best in town. You got a small room with old furniture. Repair and decorate the room, turning it into a modern and stylish establishment. Hire staff, learn the best cutting techniques and introduce new fashionable services. Treasure your reputation and satisfy the needs of the most fastidious customers. Become the best barber and turn your family business into a thriving business!

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
LFM9PcqnT3I March 6, 2023 938
1vEkFpuOhiq5 February 14, 2023 152
UMFp4Q6Nhx February 2, 2023 302
PgX25NvJyQ7 February 8, 2023 680
EBWtdzJNFkP January 31, 2023 232

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This game is great. The art is good and the characters and stories are a good way to keep the game feeling fresh and interesting. I just wish there was more to do maybe add a set of daily objectives or long term goals for players that have gotten the maximum amount of reputation. The game is pretty short and we haven't gotten a update in a long time which makes the game feel like progression has completely stopped. Like many other reviewers I don't see the point of keeping the app installed.

Overall, I've enjoyed the game a lot. It's a fun idle game, no surprise since they always do well with idle games. However, it's been a while since new content has been released, and I'm slowly losing interest which sucks since I want to keep moving with the story. Additionally, there are a lot of inefficiencies within the game that makes it seem less realistic and poorly simulates a barber shop. No one is buying products from the side shelves and barbers can only use reception one at a time.

I really like the game. Nice graphic, nice story and cool characters. The only real complain that I have is that the consultation with clients is slowing everything down terribly. I have 4 chairs and the two shampoo bowls, but one of the is 90% of the time empty and one of my barbers/stylists is always there doing "nothing" and waiting for the consultation to finish. My suggestion would be to make it faster or having the opportunity to upgrade the desk to do 2 of them at the time

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Become the best barber in the city. Create amazing haircuts and beard styles Bug fixes

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