The Hyundai Digital Key is a cutting-edge technology that allows users to unlock and start their vehicle using a smartphone. This innovative system provides greater convenience and security, as it eliminates the need to carry around a traditional key fob. With the Hyundai Digital Key, drivers can also share their digital key with family members or friends, making it easy to grant access to the vehicle when needed. This advanced feature is just one example of Hyundai’s commitment to leveraging digital technology to enhance the driving experience, offering a glimpse into the future of automotive innovation.

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Hyundai Digital Key

List of Hyundai Digital Key Codes

CODEExpiration Date
KYU2W358April 13, 2024
DPE0HQX9R1February 18, 2024
0V6TK4LUSMarch 18, 2024
GC9NEQZ34BSApril 13, 2024
EQKDT97YMVMarch 18, 2024
RCSK5Y72March 30, 2024
XO7H1NEAIZFebruary 18, 2024
LWS15RUG6April 8, 2024

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Hyundai Digital Key Reviews

It doesn't seem to have a passive mode. I want to be able to walk up to my car and unlock it by pushing the button on the door handle, or even better, the car unlocks itself when I am near like it does with my actual key. With the app I have to take my phone out of my pocket, open the app, connect the app to the car, unlock the car in the app. Also, the contact email doesn't work.

Works pretty well. The only major flaw is that Digital Key will NOT work if my phone doesn't have a data signal. The digital key does use NFC and Bluetooth which is available without cell service, but the app will refuse to work without cell service. If I take out my sim card, I get an error message "Digital Key is unavailable due to poor network signal". This essentially makes it useless if I park in a parking garage or go outdoors with no service.

On OnePlus the app initially worked and then broke as reported by others. Eventually Hyundai fixed it, but this should *never* fail. What if I was away from home without my physical carkey and the app breaks again and I'm stranded? It's not an optional extra, it has to work each time, every time, without fail. I've ditched the app as a way of accessing my car and warning others to not rely on it. NFC card works reliably at least.

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