Husky Simulator is an immersive virtual experience that allows you to step into the paws of a majestic Husky dog. Take on the role of a sled dog and explore the snow-covered landscapes of the Arctic. Navigate through treacherous terrains, pull sleds, and work together with your team to overcome the challenges of the frozen wilderness. Enjoy stunning graphics, realistic Husky behaviors, and a dynamic weather system that adds to the authenticity of the game. Get ready to unleash your inner Husky and embark on a thrilling adventure like no other.

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xHY1VaW0220January 2, 2024
5em1TJR6pF983December 5, 2023
ldAGUq3tH894January 22, 2024
CWeQxO7jJ5b177January 6, 2024
ZYBLXJfvEj613January 7, 2024

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Husky Simulator Tier List

Very cute and fun and I like how we don't care about the like green bar bar and I like the thing where the animals think they are stronger although dogs are stronger

The game is good and awe some, but sometimes the huskies that follow you disappear.

Soo cute and romantic but a little bit glitches but it's still good

Tbh I think the main map was used in a racing game..

Not good graphics. Not fun. Don't play

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