Huntsmart is your ultimate destination for all your hunting gear and accessories. Whether you’re planning a big game hunt or a weekend camping trip, we’ve got you covered with our extensive range of products. From top-quality hunting rifles and bows to durable outdoor clothing and footwear, we’ve handpicked the best brands to ensure your success in the field. Our expert staff are passionate hunters themselves, so you can trust their advice and recommendations. When it comes to hunting, go Huntsmart and elevate your game. Shop online or visit us at our store for all your hunting essentials.

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Huntsmart Reviews

overall it's a good app. I wish I could zoom in more on some pictures... would be nice to have some editing features as well. Sometimes the camera is slow sending pictures. Might be up to several hours after a picture is taken before its sent to the app. Is that a camera issue, a cellular issue, or an app issue... may never know. But like I said overall it's good.

Poor customer service, I have not received any response on multiple inquiries. Camera doesn't seem to update setting when I make changes to minimize pictures taken when I am working in its view, so allotted pictures get eaten up. If you go over, when the next month comes, all the old pictures get send and often eats the full month again. Get ready to have to pay for unlimited.

Cameras are junk Work good to begin with. Change the batteries when they die and they keep resending pics from when it died. Delete them out and they continue to just resend the same pics. I deleted the cameras from the app twice and they still won't work. Just keeps going through the cycle over and over again. And this happened to BOTH my encounters I bought last year. Absolutely ridiculous

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