Hunting Clash is a great hunting simulator with amazing graphics, realistic physics and beautiful locations. Go to the bosom of the wild and hunt down small and large game: birds, bears, deer, elk, wolves, roe deer and hares. You are waiting for amazingly beautiful places from all over the world and an exciting process of catching prey filled with excitement. Travel across impenetrable forests, mountains, savannahs and deserts. Arm yourself with a bow or modern firearms, improve your shooting skills and hone your attentiveness. Take part in exciting game events for tracking prey and marksmanship. Compete with other players, earn reputation and get valuable trophies. Rise to the very top of the ranking of the best players!

Active Hunting Clash: Hunter Games VIP Codes

9DsUaQxxxxx Get

- Gold x2918K, Gems x178, Coins x68149

a5t9xQxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x962, Money x17624, Resources x3147K

Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Codes

List of Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
Kk4DpaHh1PdApril 21, 2023390
9KdORSZ6bcV5May 6, 2023753
LWU8mRNvqAApril 2, 2023991
1GSpFqmOEuQApril 19, 2023549
3bfGv4gxkVZMarch 10, 2023314

How to exchange the gift code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Tier List

Great game and enjoyable. Good graphics and design. You play and not pay for a little...BUT then boom. I have chosen to pay and play to enjoy and set a personal budget and value of this game to me personally, but I've obtained level 88 and feel the game is not rewarding enough in return. Ten Square, like a casino, is really raking it in more then they are giving out. I feel there are still "timely glitches and freezes," especially during duels to keep you down and control your advance.

Fun, but quickly boxes you in to either grinding out new levels or paying for upgrades. Which is of course the entire business model. There's 125 levels and you'll struggle after level 35 or so to advance with any speed unless you start buying the game currency. You can easily blow through 4,000 gold and they want 100 bucks for it. Game is a good time killer but I'm not spending actual money on it.

Yes the game has loading problems. I have to uninstall it and install it so it will not glitch up when I upgrade my weapons or use gold for animal buffs. I have to spend some money to not lose all the time in duels. It is still the best hunting game I have played on a phone ever.

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Answer the call of the wild & go deer hunting like a big game hunter and sniper! Hello Hunters and Huntresses!
Our newest update brings fixes to some issues you reported.
Play and check it out for yourself!

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