Hunting Clash: Shooting Games is an adrenaline-pumping mobile game that lets players experience the thrill of the hunt. With stunning graphics and realistic sound effects, it offers a true-to-life hunting experience. Players can choose from a variety of weapons and gear, including rifles, bows, and shotguns, to track and hunt different animals in various terrains. From deer to bears, each animal presents a unique challenge. With challenging missions and online multiplayer mode, Hunting Clash keeps players engaged and entertained for hours. Get ready to become the ultimate hunter!

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I'm enjoying this game quite a bit, so far. Good "bathroom" game. 😜 .... Update: I don't know what happened, but suddenly over the last few days, the game freezes when hunting, preventing me from shooting. This is especially irritating during duels. I get hung up, unable to take a shot, watching the time tick away until I ultimately lose the duel. Last night and today, the game doesn't even load properly, it if I change maps, freezes. If not fixed, I'm uninstalling.

Very casual hunting game. The game is engineered to make you a perfect hunter. Assists make it very easy, and the duels are basically seeing if you have been playing longer than the other person for animal experience, and if you want to burn your assists or not. Not a lot of skill involved. But, it is a good time burner and the graphics are nice. I like the leveling process, and packs of cards seem fair. Clubs don't seem to be fleshed out much though. Overall a good game.

It's okay, I guess.. it gets a bit redundant after a while. Graphics are well done, music is pretty, shooting is satisfying.. there's just not enough progression if you ask me. I've played perhaps 40 rounds and haven't unlocked a new map, dogs, any new weapons (which I don't think it has), anything. I'll still play it on my down time, though.

Lost all progress after clearing data and cache due to the game always failing to load. Very glitchy and you get locked out of the game when you are about to earn rewards. Then the reward session is over and you miss out. The developer is of no help whatsoever. Basically have to pay to be competitive, which is fine, but I like earning rewards. If I wanted to pay to win, I would buy lottery tickets or go to a real casino. Reloaded game, keeps freezing, basically junk app. Don't waste your time.

This game would be great if it were at all stable. Instead, be prepared for it to crash about every ten minutes or so. Sometimes it even crashes upon startup. It's great when it happens during a duel, or when you click on anything too fast. They also constantly hound you for money to improve your gaming experience, though it does nothing to stop the crashing. My favorite part is when I paid for the upgrade, only to have it crash during the transaction. I hope others see your response to me

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American Hunt Simulator: Marksman's game. Track, aim, become an epic hunter. Hello Hunters and Huntresses!
Our newest update brings fixes to some issues you reported.
Play and check it out for yourself!

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