Human: Fall Flat is a hilarious physics-based puzzle game that tests your problem-solving skills. In the game, you control a lovable, wobbly character named Bob as he navigates through a series of challenging levels. With its unique mechanics and open-ended gameplay, Human: Fall Flat offers endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity. Whether you’re swinging on ropes, climbing walls, or using objects to your advantage, the game’s immersive environments make for an incredibly fun experience. Get ready to laugh, strategize, and explore the whimsical world of Human: Fall Flat.

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The game and concept have potential. This could ... some day ... grow into an outstanding game. The controller interface needs some work, and yes I did take the time to get used to the controls. I lost interest relatively quick and then i couldn't find any multiplayer matches. To the developers... Keep up the good work, your opening a door to something awesome.

This game is very fun especially with friends. Everything is perfect except for one thing. The controls are very bad and also the jump is very delayed. 80% of the to.e to try to move the joystick it doesent work and moving the camera is very hard to do. My one and only complaint is the controls but everything else about the game is very cool. Developers I hope you see this and please fix the controls.

The controls take more than getting used to, as although you've done an excellent job of trying to make them as effective/efficient as possible, the arm control is easy to accidentally tap when trying to do anything else. I also think the hand control could be improved by making a middle section for use of both arms, being an upside-down 'T' so that it's more intuitive to grab something while holding on to something else, versus the simple divider between L/R. Overall though, excellent job!

Although this game is amazing, there is however one flaw, For me at least, that effects my experience. No matter how strong an internet connection, or how fast- there always seems to be a 1-2 second delay when it comes to movement on multiplayer. This does take some time to get used to, but It would very much improve my experience if this delay was fixed. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful game to mobile, and have a nice day.

This game it a very good game, It's made the creators of Terraria. The controls may take a bit to get use to, but you adjust them to your liking. This game is about puzzles and you have to use your 3d avatar to navigate, grab, and climb up things. This is the perfect game to play with your friends, and is somewhat complicated just like many other good games. You can also do other things like play hide and seek with your friends or experiment with things. This is a great game.

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Discover the funniest multiplayer physics puzzle platformer! Human, test your mettle in two new FREE levels, Copper World and Miniature!

Copper World arrives in Human Fall Flat! Welcome to an industrialized zone where gigantic wheels, electric circuits, and massive coal engines unlock unthinkable paths.

In the new level, Miniature, explore a world where puzzles are gigantic, and the challenges even bigger! Human has shrunk!

Play solo or play with friends in co-op; with up to three pals maximize the silliness of these outsized adventures.

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