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Last update February 15, 2024

Hudl is a popular sports performance analysis platform that enables coaches and athletes to review game footage, analyze statistics, and improve their performance. With its user-friendly interface and powerful tools, Hudl allows users to break down plays, create highlight reels, and collaborate with team members. Coaches can provide feedback, track player progress, and develop game strategies using the platform. Athletes can also use the platform to showcase their skills, set goals, and receive personalized coaching. Overall, Hudl revolutionizes the way sports teams approach performance analysis and player development.

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Hudl Reviews

The app has a pretty neat feature that allows you to create highlights from team videos and create your own highlight reel. The problem is every time you create a highlight video it takes you back to beginning of the video and you have to search for the exact spot again. Tech support is off shore and sends you canned responses. They either don't have the ability or the initiative to solve your problem.

I like that I can watch film from any sport I play, but the accessibility is very limited. All I can do is watch the film. Yeah, I know that's kind of the point. But, when i have a 3 hour film video of both the JV and Varsity games without the ability to skip, etc, is when it becomes a nightmare. I have to move the slider back and watch an extra 2 minutes prior to what I want to rewatch. If you are looking to actually study film, use a computer, not this. Needs a fast forward and rewind feature.

I had the technique hudl app installed on my old phone. Switch to this new phone and the technique app is no longer available. This hudl app is useless. All I can see is a search option to view highlights. There are no other features on the app. I will wait for a response that may help in some way. If this isn't sorted out soon I will just delete the app and look elsewhere.

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