Hotspot Shield VPN provides a secure and private internet browsing experience, safeguarding users’ data from hackers and surveillance. With a user-friendly interface, it enables access to geo-restricted content and protects against malware and phishing scams. The VPN uses military-grade encryption to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. Its fast and reliable connection makes it ideal for streaming, gaming, and downloading. Furthermore, Hotspot Shield offers a dedicated support team to assist with any queries. Whether on public Wi-Fi or at home, Hotspot Shield VPN is an essential tool for protecting online privacy and staying safe online.

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HotspotShield VPN Reviews

Hotspot shield stopped connecting on my TV a few days ago. So I cleared cache, that didn't work. I tried clearing cache and data, that didn't work. I tried force stopping, that didn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. When I open the link on my phone it says that the app is activated on the TV but the app is now not opening on the tv. I tried using the chat option on the website and twice the bot has told me someone will be in touch by email "shortly" yet I have not received any email

Hi There I got this vpn just to connect to the Toronto server in Canada, but first of all, the Android application of this program is very slow to load, and when it is loaded, the power button does not work at all. Do you close and open the program many times... I tested with several different devices and the result is the same. And worst of all, it connects only in auto mode and does not connect to the Toronto IP at all. I wish you had an online chat so that users can share their problems with

I've had Hotspot for years, but in the past year or so, I've had nothing but issues. It is now to the point that it is unusable. It freezes (which activates the kill switch) every 5 to 30 minutes, forcing me to brute force the app close to restart it. The same thing happens on both my desktop and my cellphone. I've even tried reinstalling it. No luck. Finally, I gave up and went to a competitor. It's been a week with the new guy, and I've had no issues with them.

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