Hotel Empire Tycoon is an addictive idle game that lets you fulfill your dreams of becoming a hotel tycoon. Build and manage your own hotel empire by upgrading rooms, hiring staff, and satisfying customers. Expand your business by constructing new facilities and improve various services to attract more guests. Earn profits to unlock new features and locations, and become the ultimate hotel tycoon. Experience the excitement of running a successful hotel business and watch as your empire grows in Hotel Empire Tycoon.

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T5IJSqnY863December 31, 2023
AQXfksC97d351December 2, 2023
8trjWqQBH231November 27, 2023
foqtsgPGaTJ354November 27, 2023
jypVtnJ9af944December 29, 2023

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Been playing for a few days now, and alls good except a couple bugs. 1. the investor will walk up and randomly vanish, without offering money, and after a while doesnt show up at all. 2. The screen doesn't always respond, it has to be restarted occasionally. And 3. My ads have stopped loading completely, the button is just the spinning loading symbol and won't allow me to click it. I enjoy the game a lot, but this is super inconvenient.

A fantastic game with good vibes- but, like with a LOT of this company's games, the bonuses to make the experience easier and/or more fun are $$$$. Which I wouldn't mind, except this game has no way to prestige- it's one and done, and there don't seem to be any more hotels coming any time soon. There are events, but they're short, difficult, and there's very little variation. Fun and cute and relaxing- but once you're done, there's really no reason to keep playing.

This is a fun game! The ads are annoying but I don't mind them. What I get frustrated with is the game constantly freezing and losing my rewards. Please update your rewards that come with watching the ads. Also, check your system for bugs because I constantly have to uninstall after every new level. The system does not seem to keep up with the changes.

I really enjoy the game it's time consuming, but let's be serious what game on Google play isn't now a days. The only problem I have is the ads. I will watch ads all day to boost the income of my hotel but when it freezes, just really frustrating, because I have to be close the app then reopen it and by that time I've lost my bonus. I do recommend this game for download if you wanna burn some time.

You need to spend gems on certain items in order to continue to the next levels. It's nice if that were optional in order to make "perfect" scores, but shouldn't be a necessity in order to advance. It's a turn-off to more casual players who simply just want to play more comfortably without the pressure to 100% everything. Moto G Stylus 5G.

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Create a business empire from scratch, and become a Hotel Tycoon Bug fixes, and system optimizations

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