Horror Show – Online Survival is an adrenaline-pumping game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dive into a world of fear as you navigate through creepy environments, solve puzzles, and face terrifying creatures. Play with friends in multiplayer mode or test your skills in single-player mode. With realistic graphics and chilling sound effects, this game will immerse you in a world of horror like never before. Can you survive the horror show? Only the bravest can make it out alive.

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- 100 gold, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 1 enchanted sword, 20 potions, 5000 money, 10 resources, 3 equipment, 8 gems, 1 enchanted shield.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 20 diamonds, 200 wood, epic sword, potion of invisibility, enchanted armor.

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Horror Show – Online Survival Tier List

It's a good start, but way too many issues to keep playing. It takes too long to load a game. It's impossible to get away from the monster when playing with AI's. When the other survivors are AI's, they don't help you. There are no perks to help escape the monster like in Horrorfield. Lag in the controller during the game. Too many "between game" ads. It could be a great game, if you listened to the players suggestions and fixed it.

This game has a LOT of potential, but suffers from a few issues I hope the developers solve: 1. (My biggest complaint) There is no way to get out of the cage once you're captured unless somebody lets you out (and they rarely do). There needs to be a way for ALL characters to have a chance to pick the lock. So many games I've spent sitting in the cage just waiting to die. NOT FUN. 2. To go with #1 above, freeing somebody from a cage needs to be way quicker 3. There doesn't seem to be a way to avoid the maniac once he is on your trail. It's like once the bot zeroes in on you, it's over. 4. To help solve #3 above, and to make the game way more fun, characters need to be able to get / find items to help them (like something to stun the maniac or temporarily hide/turn invisible, etc.). The game is just too hard to win very often and a lot of times (especially when Garik is the maniac) you know the game is over before it even begins if the maniac zeroes in on you. All that said, it is a good game, just not great (yet). It has a TON of potential.

I like this game a lot its my favorite of this style, however the AI killers have a bad habit of camping once caged or just showing up right as you open it, which makes the game a tad harder, especially when playing with AI survivors because they're too weak to pull their own weight, like just running at the exit door thats not got anything found to unlock, or being unable to get out of the most basic of cages. The balance is frustrating, and Hilltop only has 2 functional exits.

This is the way less grindy, more fun, better visual and smooth animation, abillity and not item, actual multiplayer version of Horrorfield! YEAH! LOVING these new updates to the game! I mean sure, the coupons to unlock items take a while, but those items can be found randomly, so that's fine. It would be pretty op if it wasn't like this. As for the prices to upgrade characters and open the slots to make items.. It'sa bit pricey for gold coin purchases. it needs to be lower... Just a bit though.

I really like the game but the only problem is that the killer is extremely fast along with survivors who get really slow when they are injured. It's either the killers get slower or the survivors get a little faster, also it takes to long to make and brake the wooden walls so it would be nice to at least make it alot faster to make the wooden walls. Other then that the game is fun.

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Horror Show – Online Survival Wiki

Escape the creepy camp alive, or play as the maniac and hunt down victims! I chose my path, you chose the path of the survivor. And they thought you were funny at first, the maniacs of this show.
But there is something that is much dearer to them than survival... the mistakes of the survivor, his fall and death.
And despite what you've done for your partners, they'll still hate you.
So why bother?
- The foundation has been laid for upcoming updates!
- Preparing for the release version of the game!
- The biography of the characters is updated every time!

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