Hoppy Frog is an addictive mobile game where you play as a frog trying to cross a busy highway and a raging river. The goal is to jump and hop your way to safety, avoiding cars, trucks, and dangerous water currents. With vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay, the game offers a challenging and fun experience for players of all ages. Earn coins to unlock new frog characters and power-ups to boost your performance. Hoppy Frog is the perfect game to test your reflexes and have a hopping good time!

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This is still one of the best games on the Google Play store. The graphics still hold up, the gameplay is fun and it's rather addictive. My only issue is that the sensitivity is a bit lower than before, but otherwise, a really good game.

I LOVE this app! Being a crazy frog fanatic I believe this is the perfect balance of cute frogs, music, and 8 bit gameplay! Currently I am working to unlock nugget, the golden frog. To be honest, I have been playing this game since second grade starting on my grandmother's kindle. I am now going into highschool and I just redownloaded the game after my phone had to be reset. This game is loads of fun!

Ive had this downloaded for over a year now, and I play it all the time. Its kinda like, a way to clear my head and relax without having to think too much. I play it so much that gameplay is Rly easy for me so it rly is just a destresser for me at this point lol. My high score is 1 thousand two hundred something ✌

its pretty fun but it could use more than a shop that just has outfits for the frog maybe mini games, more things you can do in the main gameplay, and maybe new character but this game has been out so long its probaly never going to happen.

I LOVE THIS GAME although I wish there were different places like maybe a park and instead of the shark a dog and birds and you can't touch fences or like under water or like the city and your jumping on buildings and stuff like that but I'm just saying it's kinda boring doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over but I mean you don't have to if you don't want to😁

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Hoppy frog - the retro endless cloud hopping arcade game. General performance improvements and bug fixes.

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