Hop Hop Hop Codes (2023 December) 1.6

Last update November 24, 2023

Hop Hop Hop is not just a popular children’s rhyme, it’s also a fun and energetic form of dance. Originating from African-American and Latinx communities, hop hop hop combines rhythmic footwork with quick movements and improvisation. It has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, with its own unique style and culture. From breakdancing and popping to freestyle battles, hop hop hop offers a creative outlet for dancers to express themselves and connect with others. So next time you hear “hop hop hop,” get ready to move your feet and join in the fun!

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4U2b3oVc542November 28, 2023
k2YSbO7Zft556December 21, 2023
Y8kxwD6yW894December 29, 2023
mMuFdUXIBwL593January 10, 2024
kcrg8I4UYa764December 29, 2023

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UNPLAYABLE! KEEPS CRASHING! (for reference, I'm on android) At first, the game was fine. I didn't mind the ads too much, and if it really bothered me, I would just turn off my wifi/data. Then, not too long after indtallation, the game began mysteriously crashing for no apprent reason. Sometimes, it would be right as I got to the start screen, and other times, it would be in the middle as I was playing. There's no point installing a game that just crashes. Look somewhere else!

I gave up on this game after a few minutes. Its impossible to get into, because you just get bombarded with ads straight away which interrupts getting used to how to play it. The controls are also not very good. Overall, its just another flappy bird clone. So not missing much. Also the app asks for access to your contact information. Why does it need that? There is also no GDPR protection for users. So they are taking your personal info without consent.

c'mon man r you kidding me? it's too hard...the ball loses its control whenever it touches the rim. Is it possible in any case to score 100 without touching the rim for a single time?? I don't think so . Apart from it after a couple of plays there appears ad by seeing which you got reward ( 20-30 🍄)... fine....but when the high score reaches 20 it stops giving reward ..only ads. why I'm supposed to see such ads if I don't get any reward??.... very disappointed as there's no way left to unlock all other characters 😑😑😑😑😑😑

Controls are tricky. If I go through the top of hoops to kills me. But if I go through the bottom of hoops its ok.

I love the style of the developer's games, this one in particular is fun, it's quite hard, but it gets easier as you get used to the controlling.

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Fly through the hoops in this hip new game, PLAY for FREE on Android NOW! Bug fixes.

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