Honeygrow is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain known for its health-conscious and customizable menu options. With a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, honeygrow offers a variety of salads, stir-frys, and honeybar desserts. Customers can create their own dishes by choosing from a selection of vegetables, proteins, and dressings or choose from a range of signature dishes. Honeygrow promotes sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging and supporting local farmers. With numerous locations across the United States, honeygrow is a go-to spot for delicious and nutritious meals.

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The new app is somewhat better than the old one, but still pretty terrible. The UI got more modern and now it doesn’t crash when configuring salads. However once I was ready to check out, it asked me to add a new payment method (obviously, modern technology is not powerful enough to preserve credit cards when transitioning to a new app), I switched to a different app for a second, and when I was back it lost my entire cart with two salads I have just spent 10 minutes building. Haha, very funny.

The app is great! ...when it works. If you're not getting error messages, you're staring at an eternal loading screen and vice versa. App is visually appealing and has a crisp, clean look. But gosh darn it can be frustrating to use, to the point that I just give up sometimes and order from someplace else.

Honeygrow is great but the switch to this app and the new system is killing me. The app wouldn't migrate past reward points (which is very significant for me) and glitches randomly. For example, I can't place an order for pickup through it because it loads endlessly if I click the chicken option. Really frustrating experience for a loyal customer...

They just revamped the app, and it's prettier but still buggy. You can't reorder a meal with rice noodles - you have to recreate it every time. If you're doing curbside pickup, you need to describe your car every time, it doesn't save. And if you switch apps for a minute, it forgets your order, empties your cart, and you have to start over.

App clears ordered if minimized and increases prices... There are too many issues with this app the first being that if you're in the middle of placing an order with the drop-downs for one of the meals, if you minimize it clears it completely and you have to redo everything. The second issue which is much worse is that if you look at your previous orders, the prices will be up around $3 or so. If you go into each meal and modified the price drops back down.

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Order ahead for contactless delivery or curbside pickup & earn exclusive rewards - bug fix for apple pay
- bug fix for updating birthday

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