Honey Dew Donuts is a beloved New England-based donut chain that has been serving up delicious treats for over 44 years. Known for their signature honey-dipped donuts, Honey Dew offers a variety of flavors and styles to satisfy any sweet tooth. From classic glazed to Boston cream-filled, there’s something for everyone. In addition to donuts, they also serve breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and specialty coffee drinks. With convenient locations throughout the region, Honey Dew Donuts is the go-to spot for a tasty and indulgent treat.

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Your new app is terrible, impossible to navigate. Before, it was very easy to scan in the shop or via reciets. Now, the option has either vanished, removed, or sent to the ether. I had one the first day it downloaded. Finding it again is chore. However, it will give you a million ways to order online and across the globe. To receive points. A failed attempt to fix something that was not broke.

The app was great UNTIL this new upgrade. Now I can't access my account and I try to reset my password and even though it gives a check mark indicating it's a usable password, it states "the password is invalid". I no longer have access to my rewards or my account 😔😡

there has been nothing but problems!! orders never come through at locations. there are options where you cannot take off things that you don't want. honestly I think the app is terrible

Since they updated this app, it's been basically unusable, unable to scan receipts for points and youu need way more points to actually get any rewards. I'll probably be deleting this app soon.

Can't log in! Since update me or my mom or sister can't access our accounts. We had a bunch of free stuff and now it's gone. Can't reset password or anything and everyday can't scan receipts. What the hell

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