Are you looking for a thrilling family adventure? Look no further than the comfort of your own home with Home Pin 2! Join Oh, Tip, and all their friends as they embark on an unforgettable journey right at your fingertips. From heartwarming moments to action-packed escapes, this animated film will keep the entire family entertained. Let your imagination soar as you dive into this magical world of friendship and fun. Home Pin 2 is the perfect choice for a family adventure that will create lasting memories.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 3 pieces of equipment, 1000 money, 7 diamonds, 20 resources, 2 items

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful equipment, rare items, 5 keys, 20 potions.

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Home Pin 2: Family Adventure Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
1NOaoRKH229September 28, 2023
2NOYBVCM5S661November 20, 2023
0wS2g6IYo490November 3, 2023
PGnmpZNTsK1697September 24, 2023
Wz2DXr7o9j945October 6, 2023

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Home Pin 2: Family Adventure Tier List

No actual challenge. 90% of the levels are designed in such a way that it's impossible to fail, and the other 10% of the levels are so poorly made that you have to put more effort into failing than winning. Also, I get that "free" games still need to turn a profit, but forcing me to watch an ad after every 2nd or 3rd puzzle is way too much. Uninstalling.

I paid to remove the ads but the ads continue. I have emailed the developer so if anything changes for the better I will change my review. UPDATE: I just needed to reboot my phone and now everything works perfectly. The developer replied to my email SUPER FAST and was very understanding and helpful. There are still ads if you want the extra rewards but all leveling adds are gone. It's well worth the price.

To be honest this is a fairly good game but it lags and crashes a lot and most of the time you can't even hear sound. It also has ads you only get 30 seconds to play the game and then any other time watching ads. The game also freezes and goes into black screens. The game is very nice not going to lie but it just needs some major improvements.

I love the game! I'm already in the level 200 and something. The puzzles are challenging and fun! I paid to get rid of the pop-up ads so ads are now optional and I only have used those ads 5 times to skip a level I couldn't figure out. Most of the time I can figure out the puzzles. I have been playing daily and I usually play up to the 15 levels for a win streak and the present box of 15 levels and then quit so I don't run out of levels. Great game guys!

I liked the basic design of the game, but it was a little simplistic. But the ads. Oh, the ADS!! Every time you did anything, along came another ad. Play a game, watch an ad. Go from one screen to another, watch an ad. There was a feature with a mystery prize box. You could buy the box with coins or get it free for watching an ad. The buying option didn't work. The only way to get it was to watch an ad. And they were the same ads, over & over. SO SICK of ads. I uninstalled the game because of it

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