Holein is a fun and addictive eating game that you can enjoy offline. This engaging game is perfect for killing time and challenging your strategic skills. Navigate your way through levels by controlling a hungry hole that devours everything in its path. The more objects you consume, the bigger your hole becomes. But be careful not to get swallowed by larger holes! With its simple controls and captivating gameplay, Holein is the ultimate offline game for all your entertainment needs. Start eating and have a blast!

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pretty fun. lots of ads to fully complete levels. vip purchase alleviates this. occasional bugs in which you follow the requirements to the letter and the level just fails right before you win. these bugs I have only found in competition level in which you fight AI. The AI range in incredibly low to 1 being overpowered cheaters. Yes the AI cheat. there will be one that is super fast and smart and the rest either slowly move in a circle waiting to get eaten or move directly to one to grow the one

Great game until it wouldn't let me reload a section properly (again) to finish the stars, therefore I couldn't reset anything. I tried resetting the previous world, completing it again. This is the 2nd level it happened with, but this time, I haven't been able to 'fix the issue'. I reinstalled the game and ALL my progress is GONE, seems no way backed me up. I'd had almost every skin maxed, had many many power ups, finished every map except Forest, and lost my progress. Uninstalling...

Overall I like this game. But there are so many issues. Several of my worlds default to the City world, which causes so many issues with trying to earn the correct number of stars. Also, in a few of my worlds it says I've earned all 30 stars but when I try to reset, it then says I only have 30 stars preventing me from reseting the level. Several of the stars require reaching max size of 9, but the skin will not grow past size 8. If these bugs could be fixed I'd give a much higher rating.

Lots of ads. Watch an ad after every game. Watch 2 ads after each game after 5 games. I did figure out how to skip them right away. But still, very annoying. Also, you cannot play your own music while you play. Even if you have the game muted it still shuts your Spotify off. That, is very annoying. But, the game is a good time waste for when I'm at work.

Good game play, tons of ads. It's fun, good graphics. I like the different challenges. As other reviewers have said, the ads are aggressive and frequent. Not a deal breaker, but it is annoying. My biggest complaint is audio related. I have all game sound disabled, as I like to listen to my own stuff, but the game overrides my audio and silences the podcast or music I have running. I'm about to delete the game because of it. There are plenty of other games out there that don't do that.

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Play io games offline battle royale 2022. Hole swallow the world, eat everything ✅ 4 new locations
✅ New skin
✅ Increased number of levels in the game
✅ Daily quests
✅ New game event - Race Against Time
✅ Improved content discovery system
✅ Energy replaced with lives
✅ New game mode - pvp-unlimited
✅ Significantly improved system of quests and levels
✅ Opening locations for in-game currency
✅ Significantly improved all 25 locations of the game
✅ Improved game design
✅ New quests
✅ Deeply improved game difficulty
✅ Improved performance
✅ Fixed bugs from previous versions

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