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“Hocus” is a term often associated with magic tricks and illusions. It is believed to have originated from the Latin phrase “Hoc est corpus meum,” which means “This is my body.” This phrase was used by priests during the ritual of consecrating the bread and wine in Christian ceremonies. Over time, “hocus” became a slang word for magic or trickery. Today, it is commonly used in phrases like “hocus pocus” to add a mysterious or playful touch to magic tricks or performances.

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- 10 gold, 5 rubies, 2 diamonds, 1 equipment upgrade, 100 gems, 20 resources, 50 money, 3 items, 1 equipment ability.

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- Gold: 500, Gems: 100, Money: 1000, Diamonds: 50, Resources: 5000, Equipment: 3, Items: 10.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
kmj4Npy7267September 25, 2023
MTFjIDX3HA586October 22, 2023
eArlhdOyH249October 29, 2023
VRGqNuE6a4k409November 12, 2023
mpETcozQsy880October 29, 2023

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This game is a breath of fresh air; The soundtrack that is played in each level sounds so relaxing and melodic. Not to mention, the gameplay is complex, and very engaging. The ads are minimal (and if you truly wish to play an ad-free experience, you can just turn off Wi-Fi/turn on Airplane mode). As if to top it all off, the game is neither a battery killer, nor heavy on storage. Overall, a 5 star-worthy game! Thank you, gamebra.in!

The game is very good. It looks simple but can be quite challenging in a good way. Just when you are about to give up, the correct path suddenly becomes clear. It definitely challenges spatial ability. The only minor negative. Sometimes the ticking of the rolling block can get a little annoying. Other than that the game is excellent.

This is a really great take on a puzzle game. It's simple to pick up and start, then the puzzles actually get more difficult. I'm still stuck on a level that I'm trying to figure out on my own. Very refreshing gameplay. Definitely recommend it for any puzzle game player, and I love that the game doesn't spam you with ads at all. The Escher style is really cool and trippy. It's interesting to grasp the different dimensions around each shape and super satisfying when you beat a level. 10/10

like many other puzzle games that get progressively more difficult as you clear each level, this one is easy to pick up and enjoyable. i like the simple design and that it's convenient (doesn't demand a lot of concentration or time). I'm at level 40 as of this writing and my 2 main notes would be: extend the puzzles so they fill more of the screen and give us an option to slide the cube along the surface instead of the slow tumble motion.

A fun puzzle game. The only complaint I have is that the controls are janky and seem to not go the way I want to. Definitely not good for one-handed play. Either that or I have small hands The puzzles are never so difficult that you want to quit, and give you clues, like shading, to show you which side of the 3d shape you're on. It's nice. Would recommend!

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perspective illusion puzzle based on M.C. Escher drawings and impossible shapes bug fix

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