Hockey All Stars 24 is a thrilling event that brings together the best players from around the world to showcase their skills on the ice. This highly anticipated tournament is a must-watch for any hockey fan, as it features the fiercest competition and the most exciting plays. With teams and players from various countries, the level of talent on display is unmatched. From incredible goals to jaw-dropping saves, Hockey All Stars 24 promises to be an unforgettable experience for all hockey enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this action-packed event!

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Excellent Hockey Game!🏒 I have mad respect and appreciation for the Devs for keeping Hockey alive especially on mobile! This game is so awesome, visually stunning, plays and feels great not to mention I can finally start fights which is fantastic! But, it's not perfect and needs some improvement -- I've won all matches so far so I think the game is way too easy so please add difficulty levels or increase it and also allow the period time to be adjusted, it feels too short! Do that and its 5🌟!

Graphics look really good compared to the earlier game. The deke function is clunky and not intuitive, but it may just be a question of familiarity with the function. So far looks great and a nice but subtle change is adding left handed players. The earlier game did not have them and makes plays more strategic and calculated based on to which hand you are passing.

REALLLLY dislike the energy system.. as you only get 1 little bar every 30 minutes and some games appear to take all 3 bars (you get 3 whole bottles, with 3 bars in each bottle) so it's really frustrating having fun and playing some good games and then having to stop to wait for a while before you can even play anymore! UNLESS YOU PAY FOR MORE ENERGY, OR WATCH AN AD TO REGAIN 1 LITTLE BAR. Super disappointed, because the rest of the game is a major improvement on the old one.

Decent game but it's a shame I can't import my team from the last version after years of loyalty. Game play is ok. There is no speed boost anymore and only one camera view. The player cards are too small to read the bench players which is why I gave it a lower rating. It is a beautiful game. Added fighting but unfortunately removed the speed boost. Overall this will be the best hockey game on the market. Just like the last version.

They've VASTLY improved the old game with better graphics, a new deking system, fighting, the ability to pick a goal horn for your club, and more. It's impressive how much they improved this game!

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Create Your Own Hockey Team and Take on the World! First global launch version.
Numerous bug fixes and improvements.

Newly Updated Code: