Hit & Knock Down is an exciting mobile game that will test your aim and precision skills. The objective is simple – throw balls to knock down the colorful towers. With each successful hit, you’ll earn points and move on to harder levels. But watch out for obstacles and moving targets that will challenge your accuracy. With addictive gameplay and stunning graphics, Hit & Knock Down is the perfect game to play when you want to have some fun and unwind. Download now and start knocking down those towers!

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- 10 wood, 5 iron bars, 100 gold coins, 2 gems, 25 dollars, 3 diamonds, 1 ruby, 1 sword, 1 shield.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $5000, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful equipment, rare items, 5 special keys

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
tF0RTKso345November 7, 2023
nLQ5ASHuXI258October 31, 2023
6eEj4o592361November 11, 2023
4IZnAEHM6lR730November 10, 2023
g5X2mHMufN583November 6, 2023

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Hit & Knock down Tier List

After a few can knockdown games that weren't that great, I finally found one that I enjoy & offers a little bit of a challenge as you progress. The controls are nice & the visuals are as well. There's a total of 1100 stages,a challenge level & multiplayer mode. I noticed that there isn't an option for 'No Ads' in the menu, that's too bad because I would've paid for it so I wouldn't have to be forced to watch 5 second ads every level. 3/5!!

Good game. Been stuck on level 159 for 3 weeks. It'd be nice if the game had an actual star system. Like if you leave 2 cans with no balls, you can have the option to move on with only one star or redo it for 3 instead of failing you if you leave any standing. After latest update, i am even more disappointed. Went from 30 to 10 for reward watching ad's, and now you can't skip the ads. Should have never updated.

Simce the game keeps bugging me to rate it I'll tell you what I think: it's the same as every other free game. It's simple and fun at first and then you can only advance if you spend money. The game controls are slow at the beginning of each level to mess you up. The balls rarely react the same way twice. It's about as honest as the carnival game its based on. Play for awhile until it becomes impossible and then delete.

This game starts out great but as you advance to the higher levels its nearly impossible to go further. Way too many advertisements and the ads repeat the same thing over and over. I got to level 159 and I don't think you can get past it without purchasing something. It purposely will not knock logs over! Uninstalling app. To avoid all the ads, I turned off my mobile data and the ads won't appear. Or turn off your Internet connection on computer. Try Can Knock Down by Idreams. So far its good.

If you like carnival knock the can down games you'll love this challenging version: UPDATE:while still being a great game and all... I have noticed that in the challenge mode it seems that there is a glitch of some sort... The fail screen comes up way to fast after the last ball... It should somehow allow the action to unfold for just a second longer if the whole stack is moving, because when I ❌ out of that first fail screen to see all my cans have indeed been knocked down...please fix this?!?

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Throw a ball to knock down the target.

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