Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse? Test your survival skills with Hide from Zombies: ONLINE! In this thrilling game, you must outsmart and outrun hordes of the undead as you make your way through a post-apocalyptic world. With realistic graphics and intense gameplay, you’ll need to use your wits and strategy to stay alive. Join a community of fellow survivors and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. Are you ready to Hide from Zombies: ONLINE and prove yourself as the ultimate survivor? Play now and find out!

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The game has the perfect amount of challenge for me. Playing as a human is definitely not meant for casual players, that's for sure, but I miss the older versions where the game lived up to it's name more (was more about hiding than fighting,) yet despite that killing all zombies was a victory condition, and also how you can escape in a hatch if you're the only human left. The game is now also much more pay to win than it was back in the days than people may like when it comes to heroes & cards.

The zombies are way to strong, you can use all of your ammo and not kill one zombie, but if they hit you twice you die. Also in a normal round way to many people start out as zombies, I think that there should only be one. The zombies also use their sensing ability way to often, it should be once a minute, not every 10 seconds. Please fix this to make it more fair to the humans so they can actually win a round.

I gave it 3 Stars the game was fun at the beginning I've been playing this game for years now I notice that there's no update nothing has changed it's been the same for a while it's time for new zombies new characters as players and new weapons and new maps I'm sick and tired of playing the same map. I used to put money into this game but I don't know more because nothing has changed I advise anyone who just started this game don't put your money into this don't waste your time trust me

Devs need to optimize this game as I newly downloaded the game played 1 match of defense in middle of the match at lvl 4/10 it got free and now again freezed while I am writing this game sound is playing in background as it should not be happen

This game is amazing u need to hide from them and kill them at the same time even its online and it is 3d game it have a stylized aesthetic and we can't play other uses on offline we can play users with online so guys I see u goodbye take care🥰

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