“Enchanted Kingdom 3: Free to Play” brings an immersive and magical gaming experience to players of all ages. Embark on a thrilling journey through enchanted realms, where you can build and customize your kingdom, solve challenging puzzles, and engage in epic battles with mythical creatures. With stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, this free-to-play adventure offers hours of entertainment and excitement. Explore new lands, discover hidden treasures, and unleash your creativity as you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Enchanted Kingdom 3. Get ready to experience the magic and wonder of this epic fantasy game, available for free download now!

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- "100 gems, 50 gold, and a rare crafting material!"

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- 1. 100 gold coins 2. 50 diamonds 3. 200 energy 4. 20 magic potions

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Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p

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CODEExpiration Date
5XWOJ1I4March 17, 2024
I3EJ70TCA4February 22, 2024
CDL1XVS4EApril 5, 2024
H9N3G7ZJASCMarch 30, 2024
EBM96WPLRSFebruary 18, 2024
E93OYRLMMarch 8, 2024
QADU46NZB1April 7, 2024
3RE1IYSH9April 3, 2024

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Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Review

The puzzles and gameplay were fun as always. I liked that there were a lot of HOPs. Starting off with a hidden objects scene like that is always a plus in my book and I particularly liked the puzzle box with the skulls and gems. But there is a three to five second lag to do anything and it freezes completely at the last puzzle in the bonus chapter. I'm working on making notes of the glitches to send to tech support and look forward to it being fixed to finish the game.

Can't complain about a free game this good. Most of these games are awesome, IF they don't have glitches that make it impossible to continue. This specific game is very laggy, like there is some memory allocation issue with the programming. I do like the small humor " these roadblocks are getting annoying" haha and also more special effects, because when there are special effects they are great. Nice job on this game!

Hey guys, there is severe lagging, and there is a glitch when the player has to give the old witch the healing potion. I have tried several times over the past two hours and nothing. This is a very interesting game, which makes me sad I had to delete it. Graphics are wonderful and storyline is interesting.

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