“Heroes of Might and Magic 3” is a turn-based strategy game that captivates players with its fantastical world and deep gameplay mechanics. Set in the land of Erathia, players take on the role of heroes who must lead armies, conquer territories, and complete quests to restore peace and save the kingdom. With its vibrant graphics and immersive storyline, the game offers hours of strategic fun. Whether you enjoy building armies, solving puzzles, or engaging in intense battles, “Heroes of Might and Magic 3” offers something for every strategy game enthusiast.

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- 5000 gold, 10 gems, 2 rubies, 3 diamonds, 1 legendary equipment, 100 resources, 20 items, and 20000 money.

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- 5000 gold, 250 gems, 10000 money, 50 diamonds, 200 wood, 150 ore, powerful sword, magic wand, healing potion.

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iMqmsEG9260November 18, 2023
cuk9tyd7ia718November 4, 2023
WeqoG3OSn794October 19, 2023
12lopbyg0V3674November 7, 2023
1aPXIMfS8w396September 25, 2023

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Would be nice to have full Heroes 3. Instead only battles are played with very large armies and no selection of primary or secondary skills and no upgrades when working without magic. Not worth it.

Love this game. Although not like playing using a PC, or laptop, it always give cheers to me whenever I play it. The factions and the creatures with their abilities, and magic will always be close to my heart

This game has wrong mentality and different than original heroes 3. In one turn, opponent or me move /attack all 7 units ,then next player all 7 units. Until 1 turn complete of opponent, I can't move even an unit, opponent focus my strongest units to finish them first. Who is In range and who start to attack has big advantage and being reason to quick lose of 2. player. To playing like this, totally not fair even win or lose, just boring

I changed my rating to 4 stars because they put in one of the improvements i suggested. Today i updated the app. I did and still can't play it says i need to update. Game Suggestions: 1) an exit button to leave the app 2) increase battle speed or give the ability to toggle battle speed 3) a lobby for online play or show how many people are online at the time. The search just has you wait and i don't know if anyone is on or has a game i could possibly join with different battle conditions.

This game is only battles frome Heroes 3, so the game name should be Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - only battles. This is not a full Heroes 3 game. After every battle you have to watch an ad, it is not long, but still annoying. For misleading name i deduct 2 stars, and for mandatory ads I deduct 1 star, so 2 stars for this.

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