Heroes of Destiny: Fantasy RPG takes players on an epic adventure filled with magic, quests, and battles. Create your own hero and embark on a journey to save the world from darkness. Choose from a variety of classes and master unique abilities to overcome challenging enemies. Explore vast, immersive worlds and encounter mythical creatures and powerful bosses. Join forces with friends in cooperative gameplay or challenge other players in intense player vs. player battles. Become the hero you were destined to be in this thrilling fantasy RPG.

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- 10,000 gold, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 3 powerful weapons, 50 potions, 100 magic scrolls, 2000 experience points, 5000 resources, and 1 legendary armor piece.

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $50, 200 diamonds, 20 wood logs, enchanted sword, health potion x2

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
3U0Dvfzy852October 5, 2023
P9WonCfEBs762November 2, 2023
yg78uPh5s589October 12, 2023
up8WaOQHIrR569October 28, 2023
fWqhV09OzN108November 7, 2023

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Heroes of Destiny: Fantasy RPG Tier List

Basically what if Battleheart was less cartoony. Not sure I like the way heros are unlocked, seems a bit steep, but the core gameplay is pretty good. Menu is a bit confusing, if I hadn't played similar games in the past I'd probably get frustrated. I don't like that you can't hold the skill and see what it does before using it. Otherwise a fine game.

Pretty good game , that being said they do need to fix the controls problem lies in your group tend to Bunch together which make it very difficult to select the individual , telling which needs to be healed, they should have it as a group command for attacking and force your characters to stay a certain footage apart from each other so you can use powers easier because when are bunched together you have a hard time selecting the right character fix those problems I'd give it five stars

I love this game. I've played it since god knows when but somewhere aroud 2014 maybe? Just finished everything in the game a few weeks ago and currently working on getting every hero to 40. It would be AMAZING to get either a follow-up content-patch or a new game being a successor to this one. It's easily THE BEST controlls for a mobile platform. 10/10

This game is really fun, and COULD be great, except that the only way to get very far in the game is by spending gems to receive 2 skill points when leveling up, and the only way to get gems is by buying them as the mechanics to watch ads or perform other tasks (such as downloading other games) to receive gems DON'T ACTUALLY WORK. I did multiple different things trying to earn gems and it simply doesn't give you any.

Its a 5 stars game, but the developer put a server side cooldown for the battles. Its everything all right now, but when the developer close the server, all our efforts will be useless and the game will become unplayable.

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Start a raid in this Action RPG and join intense battles for glory and rewards!

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