“Heroes Never Die! : Idle RPG” is an exciting and immersive game that puts you into the shoes of a legendary hero. Your quest is to save the kingdom from the impending doom and restore peace and prosperity. With stunning visuals, strategic gameplay, and challenging quests, this game provides hours of entertainment. As you level up, unlock new skills, and gather powerful allies, you will become an unstoppable force against the forces of darkness. Engage in epic battles, complete daring quests, and experience the thrill of being a hero. Are you ready to embark on this epic adventure?

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- Sure! Here's a 10-word reward for Heroes Never Die! : Idle RPG:"3 gifts: 500 gold, 10 hero shards, 5 energy potions."

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- Sure! Here's a short reward for the game: "Heroes Never Die! : Idle RPG"1. 50 diamonds 2. 20 potions 3. 100 gold coins 4. 5 energy drinks

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Heroes Never Die! : Idle RPG

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CODEExpiration Date
TXKOJI6QFebruary 28, 2024
4AM3V1RF95March 28, 2024
YRI3UPSGJMarch 21, 2024
QI9ZKE3BM78March 26, 2024
SR3XDFOJ2YMarch 18, 2024
BIH51G8YMarch 4, 2024
4J5NUV1ELZFebruary 15, 2024
06EOUTR3XMarch 5, 2024

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Heroes Never Die! : Idle RPG Review

The art is nice, the game is boring. For an auto game, you have to leave it on and running to progress at all but it takes so much time to progress even at the beginning levels. You need to pick, is this game an idle/auto/slow progress game? If so then make the game progress in some way in the background. If it's supposed to be an active play game.... Do something to make it interesting so people want to play it actively.

I like the concept, it is amazingly stable. Graphics are incredible, there don't appear to be any bugs- Beta tested. But I have already quit. The main part of playing appears to be to stay in the "Top 5%" of power for the rankings of global players, but the game has not been out for 48 hours and I can clearly tell that the front runners are just running the game nonstop on a computer. There's absolutely no way for a normal human to stand against people throwing money, modding, & running scripts.

The tutorial forces me to enhance a weapon, all of the other UI elements become locked out until I do it. After tapping on the building, it tells me to tap the box at the bottom of the screen to, but it doesn't do anything at all. Nothing that I do will actually let me select a weapon to enhance. Awesome softlock, what a waste of my time.

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